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Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

The diagram shows the basic components of a PV system, they are as follows:

The solar modules (or panels) are connected together to form an array. This is normally roof mounted but can be mounted on a vertical wall or on ground mounting frames.

The Inverter converts the DC (direct current) electricity produced by the solar array into AC (alternating current) electricity to be used in the home and exported back to the national grid.

The Kwh meter measures all of the electricity produced by the array. The reading from this meter is how your FIT payment is calculated.

Consumer unit is part of your existing installation often called the fuse board. The power from the inverter is feed into the consumer unit and either used in the home if it is needed or feed back into the grid.

Electricity meter This meter belongs to your energy supplier. They may want to install a new one when you tell them that you are installing a PV system.

The system also incorporates switches and safety devices that for clarity are not shown on the diagram.